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    The national campaign for creating space not conflict.

    This website is volunteer-run for the purpose of promoting ‘space for cycling’ interest.


    Write to your local councillors and election candidates…

    Space For Cycling at CTC

    Just some of the over 100 people who died in 2013 whilst riding their bicycle (Photos from ICycleLiverpool)

    Just some of the over 100 people who died in 2013 whilst riding their bicycle (Photos from ICycleLiverpool blog)

    Calls for space for cycling grew during the ‘Get Britain Cycling‘ inquiry and became urgent as several people were killed in the autumn of 2013. The campaign strengthened during the local elections in May 2014.  As of September 2014, there were 500 councillors supporting the nationwide campaign.

    There were 122 people in the UK who were killed in 2012 whilst riding their bicycle – a 5 year high. See pictures of some of them HERE — surprise! they look like you and me; your mum and dad; your son and daughter; your grandmother and grandfather.

    Another motivation: Segregated routes for cycling may entice the driver in front of you to choose to cycle instead (which also could lead to over £1bn of savings on the NHS health budget).

    The links below do not indicate endorsement of this website by the listed organisations, nor that this website supports all the individual activities of those listed. They are all provided in good faith.

    In this section…

    Local Campaigning

    A growing number of campaign groups around the country are calling on their local governments to create space for cycling. On 14th April 2014, the CTC launched their national ‘space for cycling’ campaign “in conjunction with local campaign groups” — see the section below about national campaigning for more on that.

    Bristol Cycling Campaign Freedom to Ride (and manifesto petition)

    1. Quadruple cycling to 20% of all trips by 2025, and 30% of those to work
    2. Plan to deliver a comprehensive cycling network by 2025
    3. Commit investment to deliver the plan (£16 per head each year minimum)
    4. Implement the plan through a multi-skilled team for action across all areas
    5. Engage an inspirational Cycling Commissioner to lead the transformation.
    Cambridge Cycling Campaign Manifesto

    • Cyclists in Cambridge need to be able to go everywhere;
    • Reduce the speed and volume of motor traffic;
    • Provision for cyclists doesn’t just mean cycle facilities;
    • Provision for cyclists should cater for their “natural desire lines”;
    • Reclaim road space from motor traffic;
    • Go for quality rather than quantity;
    • Cycle routes should be capable of being cycled on;
    • Some cyclists will always prefer to use the road;
    • Cycle tracks should be as convenient as the main carriageway;
    • Shared paths with pedestrians have additional requirements;
    • Consider personal security on quiet cycle routes;
    • Maintenance matters.

    Cycling Vision 2016

    Cycling 2020

    Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign #space4cycling petition – pledge your support

    • Dedicated space for cycling on main roads, protecting people from motorised traffic;
    • The reduction of through traffic volumes and speeds on smaller roads.
    London Cycling Campaign TAKE ACTION! London CC 2014 Local Election Campaign

    1. Safer Routes to Schools
    2. Quiet Zones
    3. Dedicated Space on Main Roads (includes segregated tracks)
    4. Greenways
    5. 20mph speed limits
    6. Liveable high streets
    Newcastle cycling campaign Space4cycling – the building blocks (step 1)Six building blocks:

    1. Road diet – space for cycling
    2. Space definition
    3. Neighbourhood zones
    4. Safe junctions and crossings
    5. Traffic speed management
    6. Informative initiatives
    Cycling Campaign for Oxford Improving Cycling Infrastructure
    Reading Cycle Campaign BBC (quotes RCC): Can Reading ever ‘go Dutch’ and become a cycling town?
    Southampton Cycling Campaign What we want
    Spokes - Edinburgh & Lothians Cycle Campaign Get Britain Cycling!
    York Cycle Campaign Manifesto

    • Cyclists in York need to be able to go everywhere
    • Reduce the speed and volume of motor traffic
    • Provision for cyclists doesn’t just mean cycle facilities
    • Provision for cyclists should cater for their “natural desire lines”
    • Reclaim road space from motor traffic
    • Go for quality rather than quantity
    • Cycle routes should be capable of being cycled on
    • Some cyclists will always prefer to use the road
    • Cycle tracks should be as convenient as the main carriageway
    • Consider personal security on quiet cycle routes
    • Maintenance matters


    Organisations and National Campaigning

    Bicycle Association  More people on bikes, more often.
    British Cycling
    1. Cycle-proofing: accommodate cycling in everything we do
    2. Meaningful and consistent levels of investment
    3. Consistent political leadership for cycling
    4. Improving the justice system to protect and support vulnerable road users
    5. Adding cycling safety to the driving test
    6. Strengthening cycling safety provisions in the Highway Code
    7. Road and cycle safety awareness
    8. Reducing the risk to people on bikes from HGVs
    9. Cycle training made available for all children
    10. Reducing speed limits saves lives of all road users
    Campaign for Better Transport
    CTC: the national cycling charity Space For Cycling round logo from CTCLaunched a national campaign on 14 April 2014 “in conjunction with local campaign groups around the country” — also see LEEDS CONFERENCE 3 MAY.Five things that councils must do:

    1. On busy roads, dedicate space for cycling, designed so that anyone can ride there with a feeling of safety.
    2. On less busy streets, limit the speed of through traffic. Reduce speed limits to 20mph in built-up areas and 40mph or lower on rural lanes.
    3. Ensure that cycling route networks are continuous and interlink seamlessly, with major junctions no longer posing barrier to cycling.
    4. Create traffic-free routes that provide a sensible alternative to, no a replacement for, the most direct on-road route.
    5. Maintain roads with cycling in mind. When resurfacing roads, make space for cycling.
    Cycling Embassy of Great Britain The Great Big Space For Cycling Blog Roundup
    Cycle Nation Space4Cycling

    1. The UK’s elected representatives – both national and local – have the principal role to play in creating the right conditions to enable all those who wish to cycle to do so safely and enjoyably.
    2. Provision for cycling should be universal, providing a safe, convenient and enjoyable transport choice for people of all ages and abilities, for all their everyday journeys.
    3. Unlocking cycling’s potential to be the primary, routine local transport choice will bring great improvements to everyone’s quality of life – not just the people who start cycling – and will help address many of the serious environmental, public health and local economic development challenges that the UK faces.
    Cycling Scotland Active Travel Active Scotland
    Living Streets  Show you love 20 mph
    National Institute for Health and Care Excellence Local measures to promote walking and cycling as forms of travel or recreation
    Road Danger Reduction Forum  The Road Danger Reduction Charter pledges
    Road Peace  Safer Streets: Cycling and Walking
    Sustrans: Join the movement

    Other Organisations, Companies and Journals

    Automobile Association  Think Bikes!
    British Medical Journal
    CycleScheme Cycle to Work Day – the result!
    Stop-sign-with-killing-cyclists-spray-painted-on-top Stop Killing Cyclists!


    All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group (APPCG)
    Get Britain Cycling inquiry and report  Get Britain Cycling (inquiry report)
    UK Cycling Alliance


    The Independent The Independent: Improve local cycling and we’ll vote for you, activists tell council candidates
    The Guardian: Bike Blog
    The Times: Cities Fit For Cycling The Times: Cities Fit For Cycling



    katsdekker: Eyetest: Collaboration beyond a 20/20 vision
    Vole O’Speed: Space for cycling ride
    As Easy As Riding a Bike: Why we need space for cycling
    Beyond the Kerb: Space for cycling
    Cyclists in the City: 1 mile long
    20’s plenty for us: Why?
    Two Wheels Good: Boris Johnson *still* doesn’t get the message
    Lo Fidelity Bicycle Club: Cycle campaigning simplified
    Liveable: Cycling: Is a change underway?
    Pedaller: What you can do right now


    Bicycle Dutch: What qualifies as Dutch design?
    Amsterdamize: Bicycle Cultures Are Man-Made
    A view from the cycle path: How much time do you have ? Who are we doing this for ?
    Copenhagenize: The Case for Bicycle Infrastructure