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    A website has been created to act as a central hub from which people can go to different groups, organisations and businesses that are defining what ‘space for cycling’ means to them and their area:

    Pressure is building on national and local Governments to act on the recommendations in the ‘Get Britain Cycling‘ inquiry’s report. About 100 MPs voted in favour of them on 2 September 2013 in Parliament.

    Creating space for cycling is resonating with many people already; It is a national issue with its heart in our local communities.

    A lot of people were disappointed by the Department for Transport’s official response to the inquiry’s recommendations, prompting one safety campaigner to write:

    “We urgently need the government to start taking cycling as a means of transport seriously, and to reallocate space so that it can be done without the conflict.”

    — Karl McCracken (@KarlOnSea)

    Local councils and councillors, as well as MPs, must be made more aware of how important it is to improve road safety in order to foster a greater uptake of bicycles for those short trips in town to the shops, the school, over to a friend’s house and maybe up to the train station.

    Together, by collectively and repeatedly referring back to the recommendations in ‘Get Britain Cycling‘ and the need to create ‘space for cycling‘, there is now a good opportunity to rally even more people in support.

    Space for cycling. Space not conflict.

    September 2013